Home-made Almond Milk

Hydrated almondsIn Ayurvedic cuisine, almond milk is not only a good dairy-free beverage option, it is a valuable food in and of itself. It is cooling to the body and adds nourishing fats to the diet in an easily digestible manner. It is usually consumed freshly prepared and combined with flavorings like saffron and cardamom and sweetened with a natural sweetener like raw sugar.  It is a popular beverage in the warm months.

Commercial almond milk has too many unnecessary additives like added vitamins and preservatives that take away the nourishing properties of this beverage.

It is easy to prepare at home, only requiring that the almonds be soaked ahead of time. Here is how –

Soak one cup of raw almonds in hot water, over night. In the morning, rinse the almonds. Using the thumb and forefingers of both hands, the skins of the almonds can be squeezed off easily. Rinse the peeled almonds one more time.

Almond milkA blend of hydrated almonds and water in a ratio of 1 : 1 and 1/2 cups yields a delicious light milk, not too thin or thick. This can be stored in the fridge for 4-5 days and used as a drink or add-in for oatmeal and smoothies.

Note: How smooth and grit-free the milk is depends on your blender. If you find it gritty, you can sieve the milk through several layers of cheese cloth or a coffee filter.

Author: AyurJaya

Clinical Ayurveda Specialist

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