Weekend brunch…or weekday supper..?

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IMG_3839 Chickpea flour is a versatile, gluten-free addition to the pantry.  It makes a nice pancake with very little prep time.

For the veggies ~ any vegetable or greens, finely chopped or grated.  I had a small zucchini, one small carrot, some spring onions, and a little left-over arugula in my fridge today.  To this add fresh grated ginger, and any herbs you desire – cilantro works really well.





For the batter, and to make about 6-8 medium sized pancakes, start with 2 cups chickpea flour;  add in sea salt, some cayenne or crushed black pepper, and my favorite,  some cumin-corainder-powder-with-turmeric blend.  Add enough water to make a stiff batter like you would for pancakes or latkes.

Mix in the grated veggies and herbs.  Allow batter to sit for 5 minutes.



IMG_3840IMG_3844Pour onto a hot griddle; roast each side until golden brown with a little ghee.  I enjoyed mine with a pat of salted, organic butter!

Author: AyurJaya

Clinical Ayurveda Specialist

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