Another anytime meal….Akki roti

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IMG_4847Akki Rotis are a popular gluten-free bread option in the south of India; Akki meaning rice.  Rice has enough gluten to hold these puppies together.  My friend Anpu has her own version – she throw some rolled oats, a handful of rice flour, and a handful of millet flour into a mixing bowl.  Then some fresh grated ginger and garlic.  To this basic dough starter, she adds any veggies she has on hand – grated carrots, zucchini, corn, edamame, peas (the latter three preferably blanched) and chopped herbs.

As you start to mix this together with some sea salt, the veggies start to release water and make the flours moist;  then add enough water to pull this altogether to make a dough the consistency of pizza dough.  Separate this into balls about the size of tennis balls, pat them out as flat as you can get them on wet paper towels.

IMG_4844Flipping them onto a hot griddle is easy – pick up the paper towel placing the roti face-up on the palm of your hand.  Then flipping the wrist over, place the roti wet side down onto the griddle and peel back the paper towel gently to keep the roti whole.  Allow a few minutes each side to brown and cook;  drizzle some virgin expeller pressed coconut or sesame oil onto each side to give the roti a nice crunch!

Serve with any relish or chutney if they make it to a serving dish!IMG_4845


Author: AyurJaya

Clinical Ayurveda Specialist

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