Well-Being – we all want it!

Or in other words, what is Ayurveda and how does it help?

AYURVEDA – From the Sanskrit root words Ayus and Veda, meaning Life and Knowledge respectively.

Ayurveda originated more than 5000 years ago and has been in use since then.  It enunciates total care of the entire human being – body, mind and spirit.  Ayurveda defines individual wellness as a consequence of maintaining or restoring balance both inside and out.

This is a Powerful Idea of Well-Being!

One that brings a whole body-mind-spirit approach to health and healing!

So how does Ayurveda work? Ayurvedic wisdom is based on the power of human observation and deduction.  Its principles are based on universal laws that govern everything around us – from the seasons, to the life cycle of every living thing.

Primary Principle

As it is in the world around us, So it must be within us.  We are all interconnected – made of the same stuff.  So what we see happen around us – in the life that surrounds us in nature, is also how we tick.  This principle is powerful and life changing! It gives us back the intuitive wisdom about our selves that we may have lost or relinquished to others.  As we learn this paradigm, we can understand our bodies and minds. AND Voila! We can make sense of a previously confusing world and better still, manage it with wisdom, finesse and grace.

Healing Principle

Like qualities enhance each other. For example, in winter, which is a dry and cold season, these qualities of dry and cold are likely to be aggravated in the body.

Opposing qualities balance each other.  In order to restore well-being to the body and mind, one must bring in opposing qualities through the 5 senses – using appropriate foods, aromas, sounds, touch, sight, and behavior or lifestyle changes.

Ayurvedic Practice

Using the core principles along with a sophisticated clinical topology, an Ayurvedic practitioner seeks to identify a client’s unique constitution and understand any existing imbalances through a process of observation and inquiry.  Having done that, the client is led back to balance through specifically designed Ayurvedic lifestyle and diet routines along with herbal remedies when needed.