Initial Session
– 2 hours

Session is geared towards determining the client’s specific constitution, a State of the Union, as Jaya likes to call it! The client receives a detailed report of the findings describing their Ayurvedic constitution and an interpretation of their imbalances;  The report will also detail recommendations best suited to lead one back to a state of wellness and balance when practiced consistently.

Follow-up Visit
$125.00 – 1 hour

Session provides on-going guidance and helps the client brainstorm solutions to wellness roadblocks.   This ensures that a client continues to grow in their Ayurvedic wellness journey with timely support from Jaya.

In-home vegetarian cooking classes
$250.00 per session (2 hrs. min.)

Nothing creates lasting change better than a well-balanced daily self-care routine. Eating seasonally and constitutionally harmonious food is a big part!  This session focuses upon educating a client about the part food plays in their lives and uses a process-based approach.  It does not stress about recipes but attempts to increase the repertoire of a client’s cooking skills so that no matter the season and ingredients, a home-cooked meal becomes a natural way to nourish and feed oneself. These sessions can be at your home or Jaya’s.  Session lasts 2 hours min. Price does not include cost of ingredients. $100.00 per person for group classes.

Pantry planning and Stocking
$250.00 per session (2 hrs. min.)

Session focuses on teaching a client some food shopping smarts and the art of stocking a versatile pantry with a few ingredients.  A cook is only as good as his/her tools and a pantry comes first, before the first pan has been placed on the stove.  This session starts the client off on a incredible journey towards a conscious practice of nurturing the body and mind. $75.00 for each additional person wishing to observe.

Ayurveda Workshops
Referral and Price upon request

Jaya particularly enjoys teaching Ayurveda and its principles to an audience eager to learn.  She can be found on many a weekend afternoon hosting a workshop on Ayurvedic subjects ranging from the How to use Spices to Women’s Wellness or a seasonally appropriate topic.

These workshops are not only educational but they are also hands-on fun, occasionally messy, and almost always involve delicious food! 🙂